Antiallergic Drugs





As pharmaceuticals of systemic action, the pharmaceutical industry mostly produces capsules and tablets from allergies, that is, the bulk of antiallergenic drugs are released in a solid dosage form for oral administration. In addition to these, there are external means for allergies to the skin in adults and children and local drugs. In a separate group, oral syrups and drops.

Due to the minimal negative systemic effect and the effect of tachyphylaxis (habituation), these drugs are suitable for long-term use and are well proven in the treatment of seasonal allergies. 



The most popular tablets from the anti-allergy drugs list and prices, table




How does antiallergic medicine work?


Antiallergic drugs invariably occupy the top positions in the ranking of the best-selling drugs: according to statistics, they are interested in more than half of adult population. The medical industry also does not stand still: new formulas of medicines and improvements to the old ones appear regularly, designed to more effectively combat various allergic manifestations. What are the most effective remedies for allergies, and what medicines to choose?

The first method of treatment is the cessation of such contact, eliminating the allergen from the patient's environment. But in many situations it is impossible, and then drugs against allergies will help. To this end, pharmacologists are developing a variety of antiallergic drugs from Canadian pharmacy with different mechanisms of action.


Recommendations of Doctors


- To pass a specific immunotherapy to develop blocking antibodies in the body and reduce its sensitivity to allergens (hyposensitization);
- during periods of exacerbation, drink sorbent preparations, since adsorbents promote the removal of allergens from the body;
- In severe cases, consider the possibility of using glucocorticosteroids and invasive cleaning methods (eg, plasmapheresis).